The Aeronova Center for Transformational Living

Teach.  Inspire.  Enrich.

Our mission is to teach, inspire, and enrich others to walk with God in sustained intimacy with Him and genuine relational depth with people. In tandem with this, we teach, inspire, and enrich others to be spiritual leaders and life-long learners in the journey. We believe that a rich sustained walk with God yields an overflow of healthy life fruits and divine equipping for all of life.


The Aeronova Center has a growing faculty of scholar/practitioners who are local and trans-local.  We maintain a small network of teaching and navigator faculty who conduct training events, retreats, conferences, seminars, and ongoing mentoring and spiritual direction relationships.  We tailor our teaching faculty and navigator faculty to specific events and people based upon their expertise, experience, and currency of knowledge. We deeply value the friendships that form during these special times and events.


Fellows of the AeroNova Center are scholars, practitioners, and voracious wisdom seekers who serve as teachers, writers, and a collective research guild, developing works that inspire, equip, and grow the Church.