profile of the healthy believer

In Colossians 1:9-12, Paul prays for 12 qualities in the people of God.  At AeroNova, we like to refer to these as the 12 qualities of a healthy believer or the 12 qualities of a spiritual leader.  We pray, teach, coach, mentor, and invest in others toward these 12 qualities.

1. Prayer people, given to a lifestyle of prayer

2. Skilled artisans in knowing the will of God

3. Voracious Learners, pursuing all wisdom and spiritual understanding

4. Spiritual athletes, growing in spiritual fitness

5. God-pleasers, rather than self-pleasers or man-pleasers

6. Fruit-bearers, fully fruitful in good works

7. God-lovers, increasing in love and intimacy and walking with God having relational, experiential, and intellectual knowledge of  God

8. Strong people, filled with God's power

9. Spiritual endurance athletes, marathon runners, possessing supernatural endurance for all of life

10. Joyful people, abounding in divine happiness, enthusiasm, and fulfillment

11. & 12. Grateful and humble heirs who live in the light