treks and expeditions

Treks and expeditions are renewal and/or prayer events that usually take place outside the four walls of a building.  Normally they have a theme or focus inside the context of prayer, renewal, hearing God, and experiencing God in the outdoors within the context of genuine Christian community.

Often, we find a remarkable level of community is experienced when small groups of people get outside in God’s creation with open hearts toward Him and one another.

trek I- Father Heart of God for Men

This is a two-day trek for small groups of men.  It is designed to equip men to see, perceive, and understand the Father-heart of God in fresh and powerful ways; and to see themselves through this powerful prism.  It is not uncommon for men to see God through the lens of their earthly fathers rather than seeing their earthly fathers through the lens of God.  Life behaviors & practices are transformed when we see, feel, & understand our identity as God sees us.  These are some of the experiences in this trek.  This trek takes place in the mountains and has limited enrollment.

Prayer expedition- pray the way 2018

This is a 40-day prayer expedition walking the El Camino de Santiago from Southern France, west across Northern Spain to Compostelo de Santiago.  Those who choose, may travel with us as spiritual companions and pilgrims, with the express purpose of prayer, fellowship, and spiritual pilgrimage.  As we get closer to the time of the event, we will provide tools & techniques to practice spiritual disciplines & prayer exercises along the way. Pilgrims arriving in Santiago de Compostela who have walked The Way as indicated on their credencial with a "religious motivation" are eligible for the compostela diploma for spiritual pilgrims from the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago. Since we have never embarked upon a 40-day prayer expedition before, this event is a beta event we seek to prototype and learn from for future expeditions.